Unlike my graphic designs, I take a softer and cozier approach to illustrations using one or more mediums including paint, pencil, pen, and digital. I also enjoy soft colors but I’ve been playing with bolder colors recently. Color theory was one of my favorite classes taught by my favorite professor.


I had fun creating this simple animation for 2022 Peachtober*. I want to do more animations and more Peachtober.

*Peachtober is an event created by Australian illustrator Sha’an D’anthes that pulls together a community of like-minded designers and creatives. It’s an event where we bond over sharing our work. I love it!


Studies illustrated in Procreate from classes I took on Skillshare. The one on the right was actually the teacher’s relative. He was such a lovely character that I followed him on Instagram.

Expressions sheet

Character study


I started developing icons and splash screens for mobile applications many years ago. I used Adobe Illustrator then moved to Sketch and then back to Illustrator. I love Illustrator. What a crazy powerful tool. My most recent work is for an educational website called Woolsey Workshop run by my husband. Every logo and graphic on that site is created by me.