Thank you for visiting my website. This is my portfolio page. Click these links to jump to my latest Logo Designs, Graphic Illustrations, Illustrations of all Kinds, Animation, and Character Studies.


Logos can be super simple or more detailed and ornate. In the case of my latest logo, it can be one design that takes on multiple looks. This globe design was created in multiple colors and with differing levels of detail depending on where it was going to be used.

Final Design. A silver arrow runs from the south pole to the north, wraps around the earth and finishes its journey from east to west. C and D are on either side of the arrow and Global Services is curved along the bottom of the earth

See more about my most recent logo for CD4 Global Services here.


I design mostly vector graphics using Adobe Illustrator on an ongoing basis for an educational website called Woolsey Workshop run by my husband. In fact, I created every logo and graphic on that site..

A cartoon version of the schematic with tiny men in construction worker outfits apparently in the building process.

Occasionally I do pull mediums together like with this illustration of tiny construction workers building a schematic diagram. For this, I combined Procreate with Adobe Illustrator.

Here are more examples of my work on Woolsey Workshop including the WW logo.


I also enjoy the softer side of illustrations using one or more mediums including paint, pencil, pen, and digital. Recently, I’ve been playing with bolder colors. Color theory was one of my favorite classes taught by my favorite professor.


I had fun creating this simple animation for 2022 Peachtober*. I want to do more animations and more Peachtober.

*Peachtober is an event created by Australian illustrator Sha’an D’anthes that pulls together a community of like-minded designers and creatives. It’s an event where we bond over sharing our work. I love it!


Studies illustrated in Procreate from classes I took on Skillshare. The one on the right was actually the teacher’s relative. He was such a lovely character that I followed him on Instagram.

Expressions sheet

Character study

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