Logo for CD4 Global Services

Logo for CD4 Global Services

Most recently, I designed a couple of logos for a company called CD4 Global Services. In fact, I designed their website and developed their visual brand identity in the process.

They had a clear vision of who they were and what they wanted, they just didn’t know how to realize the designs they needed. So I listened to them describe their company and how they saw themselves and together we created something they are very happy with.

It started with a back-of-the-napkin-type sketch from one of the owners. Which was very clear, I thought, but they also wanted multiple options.

Final Design. A silver arrow runs from the south pole to the north, wraps around the earth and finishes its journey from east to west. C and D are on either side of the arrow and Global Services is curved along the bottom of the earth
Back of the napkin concept

So I took that idea and created several directions to go in. “Directions” became the operative word.

They are a global company and wanted that to reflect in their logo. So I took the 4 in their name and turned it into an arrow that starts in the south heads north, then wraps around the northern hemisphere shows up again in the west, and heads to the east.

In the end, they picked my favorite design, one that I had in my head, and kept working on until I was happy with how it turned out. Their entire team chose the same design.

I then generated multiple color options that can be used on different backgrounds as well as a simpler version that could be used for things like favicons on their website.

Initial concept designs

Final Bolt- More determined facial expression

CD4 Global Services originally wanted to go an entirely different way with their logo earlier in the year.

To emphasize the speed at which their company could move due to the depth of their expertise. They wanted a cheetah for their logo.

I started with studies (not shown) because I had never drawn a cheetah before. I came up with this guy and named him Bolt. I updated him with a more determined face as cheetahs have sort of sad expressions.

Once complete I created Bolt in both black dots and white so he would show off on any background.

Bolt done in black dots and white dots depending on his background