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I am working on making more of my designs available in more places. But right now, you can find some available for purchase at on a variety of items from mugs to shower curtains. Here are some samples:

Thanks so much for visiting. -Amy

“Fallen Autumn Leaves”

Link to entire collection

"Fallen Autumn Leaves" wall mural
"Fallen Autumn Leaves" mask
"Fallen Autumn Leaves" large mug
"Fallen Autumn Leaves" throw blanket
"Fallen Autumn Leaves" on backpack
"Fallen Autumn Leaves" round cutting board

“Bunny Butt”

Links to entire collections pink, blue, and fiery chocolate

"Bunny Butt" pink framed canvas in walnut
"Bunny Butt" kids tshirts in berry
"Bunny Butt" phone skin in fiery chocolate
"Bunny Butt" fiery chocolate framed mini art print
"Bunny Butt" black framed blue bunny
"Bunny Butt" pink sticker

“Taco Tuesday”

Link to entire collection

"Taco Tuesday" coasters
"Taco Tuesday" place matts
"Taco Tuesday" cutting board
"Taco Tuesday" serving tray
"Taco Tuesday" clock black hands
"Taco Tuesday" canvas bag

“Honeycomb Gnome”

Link to entire collection

"Honeycomb Gnome" canvas bag
"Honeycomb Gnome" kids gray zip hoodie
Honeycomb Gnome mini framed
Honeycomb Gnome on phone skin
Honeycomb Gnome mini art on wood block
Honeycomb Gnome on crewneck Sweatshirt in black

“B&Bees” Butterflies & Bees

Links to entire collections in white, cappuccino, blue, and retro

B&Bees Butterfly, Bee, and Flower Pattern in white on backpack
"B&Bees" butterfly, bee, and flower pattern in blue on shower curtain
"B&Bees" Butterfly, bee and flower pattern in blue on swing chair.
"B&Bees" butterfly, bee, and flower pattern in white on tablerunner
"B&Bees" retro butterfly, bee, and flower pattern on pouch

“Out on a Picnic”

Link to entire collection

"Out for a Picnic" zipper pouch
"Out for a Picnic" canvas bag
"Out for a Picnic" bicycle design on outdoor roll up blanket
"Out for a Picnic" bicycle coasters
"Out for a Picnic" shower curtain
"Out for a Picnic" laptop skin

“Patriotic American Gnome”

Link to entire collection

"Patriotic Gnome" Can Cooler
"Fig, the Patriotic American Gnome" serving tray
"Fig, the Patriotic American Gnome" mini framed print
"Fig, the Patriotic American Gnome" canvas bag
"Fig, the Patriotic American Gnome" notebook laying flat
"Fig, the Patriotic American Gnome" travel mug

“Inky Snowflakes”

Links to entire collection in white, dark blue, and mint green

"Inky Snowflakes" in white on shower curtain
"Inky Snowflakes" in dark blue on clock
"Inky Snowflakes" in white on bathmat
"Inky Snowflakes" in dark blue on iphone case
"Inky Snowflakes" in mint green on desk mat
"Inky Snowflakes" in mint green on table runner